Academy magazine

Weekly Academy #11

🗓Weekly Academy #11🏫 🚫Don’t talk about Yeonhee’s height🚫 She’ll be very angry. Be careful!👊💥

Weekly Academy #10

🗓Weekly Academy #10🏫 🐰At the Survival Academy, the treasure rabbit provides a very powerful weapon🐰 For that reason, yeonwoo and vlazena miriam seem very interested in this treasure rabbit😂

Weekly Academy #9

🗓Weekly Academy #9🏫 👊Survival Academy has a variety of active items👊 💥Bring it together and create a powerful firepower!😁

Weekly Academy #8

🗓Weekly Academy #8🏫 😟Oh no! The Greedog is shivering in the cold alone.🥶 ❓Where did he hide to avoid the cold❓

Weekly Academy #7

🗓Weekly Academy #7🏫 💣Pierre’s Level 1 weapon has a very wide range of attacks💥 😥This poor slime can’t escape now.

Weekly Academy #5

🗓Weekly Academy #5🏫 🏳Kumira was defeated by Jomin again today😢 🤔When will Kumira be able to beat Jomin? Who is Jomin?

Weekly Academy #4

🗓Weekly Academy #4🏫 😆The two quietest people at the survival academy met each other!

Weekly Academy #3

🗓Weekly Academy #3🏫 🫳🐶 This little hound is cute 💕🚫 but very fierce, Be careful not to get bitten❗

Weekly Academy #2

🗓Weekly Academy #2🏫 ❗In the survival academy, Medusa has the ability to stoneify enemies❗Even the boss cannot avoid Medusa’s ability 😂

Weekly Academy #1

🗓 Daily Academy #1🏫 ❓Have you heard about the Lightning Badge in Survival Academy?It’s an item that can boost the speed of projectiles!!Combine it with Yeon-hee’s shield and take down your enemies in a flash!⚔