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Survival Academy Official Launch

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Hancom Link is always striving to extend fun through creative and diverse game content and share the joy with others.


The business scope of the Hancom Link is continuing to expand in order to make the payment process convenient and easy and provide quick access to desired services.

Hancom Link

About us

Hancom Link leads a life paradigm shift through the games.


We are striving to be the most market-valued company in major business sectors.

We will expand our business globally by setting company standards and increasing the customer value of HancomLink.


We invite valuable talents to join HancomLink.

01 Application

Only accepts applications through HancomLink’s recruitment announcement page.

02 Document screening

Initial competency assessment is conducted through the qualification requirements and self-introduction.

03 Interview

Personal verification is conducted through the stages of competency interview, personality test, and executive interview.

04 Final Assessment

After completing all recruitment procedures, the final results will allow you to make your dreams and vision into reality with HancomLink.

The Arowana Foundation builds the Arowana platform ecosystem with ‘Arowana Alliance,’ an association of the Hancom Group and partners with promising future values.


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Survival Academy Official Launch~
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