Survival Academy

Only those who survive will have access to the secret of Quasar.

Survival Academy

A dangerous class to survive begins! A 30-minute scuffle in the mysterious space of Quasar! Prove, my dear, that you deserve to be the master of Quasar…


Martial arts


How to get stronger?


A child left alone was raised by a streak of tigers in the wild. One day, the streak of tigers suddenly began to reject her, and she faced a crossroads of living as a human or a tiger.

Survival Academy helped to gain her back who lost her, and eventually her survival instinct is back on a fire to surpass her master.



Freedom beyond perfection


A girl raised to be a perfect knight in a prestigious family was confined in a tower till she saw the birds flying freely across the sky and decided to trade her perfect life for freedom.

Survival Academy opened a new chapter in her life after abandoning perfection.

Mechanical Science


All the unfortunes should end by me


A dear friend who approached him first living in a polluted land of an industrial city….

As he couldn’t keep the last words of his precious friend, he faces a crossroads of life or death to escape from the reality.

Was it the last present from a friend who has passed away? He started his life all over again dedicating himself to researching and saving the people who rescued him from death.